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As a bride to be you will have a vision and most likely a Pinterest board or folder full of ideas of how

you want to look on your wedding day. Every bride is very different and with our knowledge and expertise we want to help you achieve you dream bridal look! But to make the most of your trial and to achieve the very best look we need your help to narrow down level of makeup and hair styling preferences, this ensures that on the day you get the style you love and we're able to give you the best value for your money and time.


Our stylist are fully trained at our own Beau Hair Academy so they're able to offer advice on make-up, skin types, hair styling  and so much more! We can add flair and detail to your vision to really bridal the look up and expand on it, but we need honest guidance from you as we go along.

Beau Hair Trial Prep

'I honestly cannot thank Sarah and the team enough for making me look so beautiful I have really thin hair and sarah manage to make it look so thick and amazing, truly cannot thank you all enough! Sarah you're a super star for making me my mum and bridesmaids look so beautiful xxx' - Stacey Pickering

Make the most of your trial

Have your Pinterest Boards, Print-outs and Ideas Ready!

Bring all of your slips of paper, ideas, scribbles or anything you love and think will inspire our team!

1. Take some time to search online

2. Gather 2-3 pictures of makeup looks and 2-3 of hair styles you like

3. Gather 2-3 picture of makeup looks and 2-3 of hair styles you don't like

4. Bring 1-2 pictures of yourself where you like the level of makeup you have on

5. Bring 1-2 picture of a hair style you have had an liked. So we can judge the type of volume and finish to the looks you like.

6. Have your face cleansed and moisturised. Your hair shampooed and dried either the day before or if oily the morning of the trial. Make your artist aware if you have any conditions such as acne or are prone to oily skin and hair, this way we can bring along the highest of quality products to safeguard you look through the entire day. Please do not flat iron your hair just rough dry it or let it dry naturally

7. If your hair is very fine and you feel to get the look a clip in hair extension, please notify us and we can either special order these in for you or give you advise on brands and products to add volume and lift to your hair. Please email me a picture of yourself in the daylight back and front so I can advise and colour match for you. Clip in pieces are not too costly £17-£29. We have an online supplier we use and we can send you a link with the length and colour you should purchase. If you do this 2 weeks before your trial it will be with you in plenty of time so you can see the finished look

Communication is Key

Communicate and please feel free be totally honest with us, we want your day and experience to be perfect! We can't wait to meet you and create your dream look, however in order to do that we need to know what look is 'totally you'

A trial is a partnership, between the bride who wants that perfect look and our Artists expertise. We would never get offended if you don't like something and it can be altered, this is the nature of a trial to give you peace of mind and to show you we can work to any specifications you may have. We some times like to consider ourselves as the dream team!

1. Try and answer the Artists questions to give them not just pictures but what's important. E.g. I don't like heavy eyeliner, can you please try to cover my ears. This way we can tailor your look and your experience

2. Show a picture of your dress and the bridesmaids dresses to the Artist, not only do we love to see the magical day you're creating, this also helps us match your look to your day, it's all in the little details! 

3. Describe your theme and colour scheme for the wedding
This will help her determine colours and the type of styling to suit your theme and compliment the gowns

4. If you have a hair ornament or a veil have them ready to try with your hair style.
If your unsure what to adorn your hair with we can help with ideas. We are a dab hand at putting together a spray of fresh flowers too on the day and on the trial can work out the best position.

Getting to know your style and personality really helps the Artist to achieve a look which is really you.

Study the Finished Look

I always recommend to brides to have a hand mirror, so they can take a few peaks along the way, this is to ensure things are looking how you imagined them to be!

1. Take a peak in the mirror every now and then. This is just to be sure you and the Artist is still on the same wave length.

2. If you see something glaring that doesn't feel right. E.g. The eyebrows are too sever, this is your chance to let us know and this way we can tone it back and lighten or remove it as we go along. 

4. Study the finished look

5. Occasionally a bride after consideration and thought, may change their mind on a hair style. You can happily book a second trial, but please note there may be an additional cost to this. Some brides just feel more comfortable with another trial, others just are happy to send in their comments of changes and we apply them on the wedding day.  Your wedding pictures will be timeless and you want to look back on them thinking I looked amazing alongside your wonderful memories.

Please note we like to take photos of every angle on the trial so we have a memorable picture of what we're creating on your day, as-well as an inventory to show brides to give them ideas and support when picking a style. We completely respect the confidentiality of our customers so if you don't want any of these pictures posting on to our social media the please just let us know at the trial. We do not put any photos of brides trials on social media until after the wedding day.

Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride and Guests!

It's not uncommon for the bridesmaids or guests not to have a trial. We are very experienced at creating these looks on the wedding day and we do know the type of looks bridesmaids, guests and Mother of The Brides like,  however we are happy to come along and accommodate trials for all of the bridal party if this is your preference.

1. For each bridesmaid, guest or mother of the bride please ask them to send you 1 photo of the hair style and 1 photo of the makeup look they like. This makes it easier for our stylists to create a look that we know they will love, we will request these once your booking is made, please make sure you send these to us before the big day


2. Your designated stylist will check the date, arrival time location is still the same. If the looks are complex she may alter the time to earlier, we like to ensure there's plenty of time to complete the whole bridal parties looks to the highest of standards

3. With our expertise we start with the bridal party first and naturally the bride will always go second to last, this is due to the bride needing more time to dress leisurely, so not everyone needs to be there from first light. To help with organisation ask the Artist if you want to set a schedule, if there is a several in the bridal party. She will go through times so you can organise who arrives when.

4. We like a little fun and a few giggles on the morning, to avoid nerves and to give you a relaxed and bubbly environment to get ready in, we are also a dab hand at helping do up dresses, putting on shoes and adding final touches to your special day  etc...your in practiced safe hands (We're practically your fairy god-mother at this part of the day!)

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